Heidolph Hei-Vap Industrial Safety Large Volume Rotary Evaporator

Heidolph Hei-Vap Industrial SAFETY Large Volume Rotary Evaporator
• Touch screen panel allows for simple and intuitive setting with programmable ramps.
• Universal Water bath for use with Water (up-to 100°C) or Oil (up-to 180°C).
• Self-filling water bath.
• Hidden heating coils for easy cleaning of the heating bath.
• Non-fogging safety glass and metal frame guard hood protects against any potential glass breakage.
• Transparent PMMA doors protects the condenser and receiving flask.
• Easy-Clip mechanism for quick and easy evaporating flask replacement.
• Built-in vacuum/temperature controller.
• USB and LAN interface connection.
• Please choose your appropriate condenser set, which will always include:
– 20 liter evaporating flask.
– 10 liter receiving flasks mounted in unique
receiver cassette
• Three years warranty!
• For 3x400V (3 Phase); 50Hz.
All details as per catalog enclosed.


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