MATACHANA (Spain) Large Volume Steam Sterilizers 2000 I Series, for Floor Level Loading.

MATACHANA (Spain) Large Volume Steam Sterilizers 2000 I Series, for Floor Level Loading.
Large capacity autoclaves, combining the latest developments technology, with efficiency, safety, simplicity and user-friendliness.

• Chamber and jacket made of high quality stainless steel.
• Chamber volume (liters) 961, 1265, 1747, 2101, 3318, 6637.
• Pneumatic automatic horizontal sliding stainless steel door/s, enables to load from floor level.
• Silent and performant vacuum system with water-saving solution (sterilizers up to 3 m3) or by liquid-ring pump (from 3 m3).
• Control system through two PLC (control and register) which ensures independent readings (temperature/pressure), and a touch screen for intuitive handling.
• Digital alphanumeric printer for “on site” cycle recording.
• Vacuum Test and Bowie & Dick test programs.
• 12 Months of full warranty!

• Sterilization programs for liquids in not-hermetically sealed containers, with adjustable temperature.
• between 105 and 135°C, as well as “Fo” value calculation.
• Low temperature programs, with adjustable temperature between 70 and 115°C.
• Gravity program.
• Feed processing program.
• Air treatment system through a 0,2 μ self-sterilizable filter condensate line
• pressurization of doors’ seals.
• Graphic video-recorder for pressure and temperatures.
• Connecting to external cooling system with substantial water savings and reduced cycle time.
• Natural cooling or by jacket flooding + sterile air counter pressure for open liquids programs.
• Touch screen command at unloading side.
• Other options: upon request.


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