Company History

Labotal is a family company established in 1975 in Jerusalem by Yitzhak Tuttnauer, Who was the founder and president until end of 2018.

Prior to the establishment of the company, Yitzhak served as a global sales manager at “Tuttnauer”- his family’s business, which is today – one of the largest autoclave manufacturer in the world.

Being familiar with the world of laboratories, Yitzhak was able to offer clients in Israel a wide range of equipment and solutions for laboratories, whilst creating, expanding and deepening contacts with leading manufacturers in the world.
This is how Labotal was born …

  • 25.12.1975

    Founded in December 25th, 1975

    Labotal is officially established and registered under the name ``Labotal Ltd``. The company begins its activities at the Tuttnauer's home at 19 HaBani St. in Beit Hakerem neighborhood of Jerusalem. At this stage, it is a ``one-man show``.
  • 1978

    Moving into our first shared office

    The company grows and moves to 85 square meter hall in Givat Shaul in Jerusalem, in an interesting and unique model: Yitzhak Tuttnauer (Labotal) and Itzik Hirshberg (Tamar Laboratory supplies Ltd) share the office space, the warehouse and even the secretarial and warehouseman. Such collaboration between companies in the same field is not common and will continue in several different locations and over 40 years.
  • 1984

    Our first owned and expended facility

    The company is still at the Sapir Center in Givat Shaul and moves to a larger space of about 260 m2. Tamar and Labotal now share the kitchen, conference room, telex and fax machines. At this stage Labotal has already 4 employees, and represents the firms: Lab-Line, Thermolyne, Tecniplast, Finnpipette, Kinematica and other well-known brands.
  • 1992

    Family business

    Roni Tuttnauer Levy, Yitzhak's daughter, joins the family business first at a temporary student's position. Gradually her involvement increases as she graduates
  • 1997

    Labotal Scientific Equipment ltd is established

    An administrative change in the company leads to the establishment of Labotal Scientific Equipment Ltd., and to the closure of Labotal Ltd. There is no change in the Company's operations. At this stage, the company has 15 employees and is one of the leading companies in Israel. By this year Labotal also represents the following companies: Barnstead, Heidolph, Hermle, Heto, Holten, Binder, Labsystems, & Elma.
  • 2000

    Moving to Abu-Gosh

    Labotal moves to its new and current home in Abu-Gosh on the top floor of the beautiful sewing factory. The company covers an area of over 500 meters consisting of an office, a service laboratory, and warehouses. The good- neighborliness with the residents of the village, the owners of the house, and Tamar Company, provides a pleasant work atmosphere and positive energies. By this year, Labotal has 18 employees, 7 of which are salespeople, 6 service personnel and 5 administrative staff. By this year Labotal is representing both Julabo and Sonics.
  • 2015

    Celebrating 40 Years

    Labotal celebrates its 40th anniversary with a festive party to which all of our customers are invited. Many people respect us in their presence, raise a glass with us, and enjoy a tour of the place and demonstrations of different and interesting products.
  • 2018

    Yitzhak passed away

    Yitzhak passed away after fighting Cancer for 3 years. He came to work until the last month… Roni has taken over and is the CEO.
  • Now and In the Future....
    Labotal continues to cultivate a culture of reliability, responsibility and commitment to its customers, suppliers and employees, and hopes to continue this for many years to come.

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