WASSERLAB Ultramatic GR Type I Water Purification System.

Features & Specifications

Wasserlab Ultramatic GR Type I (ULTRAPUE) Water Purification System.

• Measurement of produced Type I water resistivity.
• Automatic recirculation of the water contained in the system, ensuring max quality of the water dispensed
• Automatically stops dispensing of Type I water if resistivity is below 10 MΩ/cm
• Photo-Oxidation module with 254nm/185nm wavelength
• Product water type I: 18.2 MΩ/cm
• Bacterial content: < 1 CFU/ml.
• TOC: <10 PPB
• Flow rate: 1.1 L/min
• Dimensions: 250 x 480 x 520 mm (WxDxH).
• Operating pressure min/max: 1 – 6 bar
• Pretreatment is required: DI columns, reverse osmosis or distillation.
• CE Marked
• Two years warranty
All details as per catalog enclosed.
The system includes cartridges needed for its operation.