SLEE Automatic Linear Stainer for Slides

Features & Specifications

SLEE Linear stainer for slides:

• Up to 20 slide racks simultaneously, slide rack capacity 30 slides, total 600 Slides at a time.
• Up to 1800 slides/h
• Flexible software: program with different incubation time for each reagent station.
• Economical 400ml cuvettes, very easy to unload.
• 5 loading and unloading stations. Racks are automatically taken from the loadind station, when CROMATEC is ready for the next staining run.
• Easy operation via 7” color touch screen.
• Intuitive control panel.
• 20 programs, up to 20 steps each.
• Reagent management system to assist the user to precisely schedule the reagent exchange.
• Integrated UPS system allows each program to finish even when power is off.
• Dimensions: (WxDxH) 1560x640x620 mm.
• Two years warranty.
• Supplied with:
– 20 x Staining cuvettes (plastic).
– 6 x Flushing station (plastic).
– 2 x Basket carrier.
– 2 x Transport basket (plastic) for standard Basket carrier.
All details as per datasheet attached.
For 230V; 50 Hz