Shel-Lab Mini Shaker Incubator model SSI2

Features & Specifications

Shel-Lab Mini Shaker Incubator, SSI2, Benchtop, 230V

• Microprocessor control and Digital Display for temperature, shaking speed and run time located at the front of the unit.
• Small and compact: WxDxH (cm) 28.6 x 40.1 x 29.3
• Equipped with platform 23.5 x 29.2 cm with non-slip rubber coating, ideal for tissue culture flasks, Petri dishes and staining trays.
• Over-temperature & over-speed safety controls
• Speed: 30 to 300 rpm (1 rpm increments).
• Temperature: Ambient +5°C to 70ºC ± 0.25%
• Maximum Load: 4kg.
• 24 months warranty.
For 220V; 50Hz.
Optional universal magnetic platform (cat no 6420500) is the easiest way to instantly change between flask clamps of different sizes.