INFRICO Ultra Low Freezer, for -86°C storage of samples.

Features & Specifications

Infrico Ultra Low Freezer, for -86°C storage of samples.
Reliable, Durable and Compact, for years of peace of mind.

• Double circuit cooling system: 2 independent, low noise compressors. In case of failure of one, the other can maintain -70°C
• VIP insulation panels: the best insulation/size ratio that’s available today.
• Complete stainless steel interior.
• Graphic touchscreen controller with built-in data logger with battery for power outage recording, integrated password protection and USB for quick data transfer.
• Integrated alarms for Temperature rise, Open door, Power failure, Probe failure, Low battery
• Ergonomic and easy to operate key-locked handle for one hand opening.
• 4 storage levels with individual doors.
• 3 standard access ports.
• Frontal, tool-free filter cleaning enable easy and good maintenance.
• Volt-free contact for alarm output.
• 5 years full warranty.
For 230V, 50 Hz.
All details as per enclosed catalog.