Heidolph Hei-Torque Precision Overhead Stirrer

Features & Specifications

Heidolph Hei-Torque Precision Overhead Stirrer, made in Germany.

• Tool-free chuck, for safer and quicker operation
• Chemical resistance (class IP 54) guarantees longevity and maintenance-free operation.
• Designed for continous operation in an aggressive environment.
• Maximum motor power at noise level ≤50 db
• Soft stirring start, avoids splashes
• Sealed 3.2” glass touch panel and magnetic Smart-Knob increase tightness and chemical resistance
• Simple and easy to operate touch screen, allows:
– Pre-programmed profiles, to be saved in memory
– Interval operation
– Speed and Torque graphs disply
– Timer/ Countdown/ Real time settings
• Over temperature protection for unattended continuous operation.
• USB and RS232 Interfaces
• 3 years warranty!
All details as per catalog enclosed.