BINDER C 170 CO2 NEW Incubator


Features & Specifications

—> With Hot Air Sterilization cycle at 180°C.

• Accurate Differential Infra-Red CO2 sensor, no need to re-calibrate after sterilization cycle.
• CO2 gas-mixing jet with Venturi effect
• Humidity up to 95% rH by water pan with built-in cold spot for condensation protection.
• Deep drawn smooth chamber – easy to clean, no dead spots.
• Air Jacket System ensures high precision and perfect temperature uniformity,
with very short recovery times.
• Automatic diagnostic system with optic & acoustic alarm.
• Zero-voltage relay contact for central monitoring
• Temperature range: ambient +7°C up to 50°C.
• Temp. fluctuation: ±0.1°C
• Temp. recovery form 30 sec of open door: 6 min.
• CO2 range: 0-20%, ±0.1%
• CO2 recovery form 30 sec of open door: 5 min.
• Three shelves supplied as standard (up-to 8 can be fitted).
• Binder test certificate included.
• Warranty: 30 months.
For 230V; 50Hz.
All details as per manufacturer’s catalog.


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