Scientist Night

We love the north of our country and are proud to contribute to the scientific event making science accessible to the community in the northern periphery.


"Scientists Night" is a European project that takes place for the eleventh year, simultaneously, all around Europe and in Israel in all research institutions, universities and museums of science. The goal of the project is to connect scientists and scientific knowledge directly with the general public in experiential, attractive and educative ways.


3500 participants are expected from all over the Galilee and around: children, youth and adults - all come to experience the wonder of science and the experiential encounters with scientists face to face. The north is prepared for a respectful and dignified event - a true science celebration in the Galilee - a science fair for the entire family, to inspire an enjoy and create healthy curiosity.


The main theme this year is "Humanity in 2050"- Future studies of what future holds for us…


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