Labotal Scientific Equipment (1997) LTD Israel is a leading company in the Israeli market, supplying high quality laboratory solutions, with full before- and after-sales support.


Labotal was founded on December 25th, 1975, by Yitzhak Tuttnauer, who is its president to this day. We sell a service laboratory instruments and equipment made by the best manufacturers in the world, mostly represented exclusively by us. Over the years, we keep bringing the Israeli research and industry the most advanced and innovative solutions, without compromising on reliability and professional support over time.


We are proud of our good reputation among our suppliers as well as our costumers, which include:

  • Universities and research institutes
  • Hospital Laboratories
  • The Pharmaceutical, Biotechnology, Food and Beverages, Electronics and Optics industries
  • The Chemical and Petrochemical industries.



our vision

We value relationships! We always try to have friendly, trustful, long lasting relationships with our customers, with our suppliers, as well as within ourselves.


We know what it takes. We always try to see the needs and interests of both sides. Reliability, responsibility, and honesty are the base, on which knowledge and professionalism are added, to make the foundation of long and fruitful relationships.

Having meaningful personal contact with a customer or a supplier is what makes our job interesting, more than anything else.


A complete solution is always our focus. We not only sell products, we also provide the complete service around them, including (when needed) installation, qualifications, application support and after sales service for as many years as possible.

Excellent and attentive customer service and highly professional technical support are at the foundation of our organizational culture, we know this is most important to our customers.


In order to meet and exceed customer's expectations regarding delivery times and technical assistance, we hold a huge stock of more than 3000 different items, available for immediate delivery or for our customer support.


We encourage learning and listening. Knowing our staff is our image to you, we invest greatly in training ourselves, on an ongoing learning process that hopefully will never end…

The best advice we got was from customers. Your ideas are always highly appreciated.


We're here since 1975, creating and keeping relationships. We'll be happy to make you too a satisfied costumer, and more important – a friend.