Brand Titrette Bottle-Top Digital Buerettes

BRAND Titrette Bottle-Top Digital Buerettes –
The first bottle-top burette to satisfy Class A error limits for glass burettes.
• Easy-grip hand wheels and smooth precision gears for fast or drop-wise titration.
• Hand-wheel rotation direction sets automatically the required mode (filling/titrating).
• 45mm standard thread, plus included adapters to fits most common lab bottles.
• Titrating tube horizontally and vertically adjustable, with integrated discharge valve.
• Integrated SafetyPrime™valve reduces waste of valuable reagents.
• Light-weight and compact design ensures good stability.
• Ultra-high precision: up to 3 decimal places below 20mL.
• Can be easily dismantled for maintenance.
• Includes clip-on amber colored windows for protection of light-sensitive media.
• Four helpful electronic functions including easy calibration.

Optional: RS 232 communications interface


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