Company News

Labotal – post Covid19:

As the rest of the world – we at Labotal also experienced the effects of Covid-19 pandemic. Since March 2020 we were divided into 2 capsules composed of service, sales and administration personnel to allow us to service our customers continuously while fully functioning as a firm. We continued to work between ...

The Marker wrote about us

Israel's most read economical newspaper, The-Marker, published an article about Labotal and it's activity during the corona-times. We are happy and excited to share it with you. Please click below:  

Labotal is happy to announce: New line of Constant Climate Chambers in a solid design – with great value for money!

The new Solid.Line KBF-S climate chamber is a custom-made solution for long-term testing and accelerated stability testing for pharmaceutical products in accordance with the ICH Q1A guideline. Solid.Line is the new addition to Binder's KBF Constant climate Chambers series, which offers a solid design with great value for money! Don't miss our special ...

Labotal is in Isranalytica 2019!!!

As in every year, Labotal will exhibit in the coming Isranalytica which will take place at the David Intercontinental Hotel in Tel Aviv, on 22-23 of January 2019. You are most welcome to come and see us, and the many new products we will show. such as: Infrico laboratory Freezers and Refrigerators ...

Why Hydrogen Peroxide Vapour (HPV) Decontamination?

Why Hydrogen Peroxide Vapour (HPV) Decontamination? HPV decontamination provides 6-log reduction biological burden, safely and without residues or damage to equipment and surfaces. Unlike substances such as formaldehyde, which is forbidden for use in many countries worldwide, HPV is not toxic, decomposes in contact with biological matter into water and oxygen, and thus is environment friendly. ...

Labotal was awarded as Vacuubrand’s Qualified Partner

Labotal was awarded and announced as Vacuubrand’s Qualified Partner. Through Vacuubrand new qualification program Labotal was audited and confirmed as a company holding the capabilities and know-how to consult and support its customers in the pre-sale phase, as well as a provider of professional, quick and accessible after-sale service. We are grateful ...

Case Study- NanoDimensions

We can tell you so much about our products and services, but our customers are doing it even better… Read what production personnel at NanoDimensions tell about their Heidolph Industrial Evaporator and about their service experience with us: “Since we started working with the industrial HEI-VAP, the production process became faster ...

BRAND Pipettors and other Liquid Handling Products

Good News- As from 1.1.2018 Labotal is offering Brand’s reliable pipettors and other Liquid Handling Products! We have a large stock of pipettors, including: Single channel pipettors of the new and improved Transferpette ∂ series. Multi-channels of the known Transferpette S series. Easy to use Electronic Pipettors. Repeating dispensers and steppers. Bottle-top dispensers A large variety of ...

NEW: Wasserlab’s water purification systems

We are excited to announce: Wasserlab’s range of quality water purification systems is already here, and we will be delighted to offer professional advice and consultancy to help you choose the right system to suit your water-needs, as well as to offer you a professional and trustworthy maintenance service for ...

Labotal is certified for ISO- 9001!

We can now announce that our company’s processes that for many years made it possible for us to provide the best of products and service, are now documented, supervised and acknowledged, we are certified according to ISO-9001:2008. Click here to download the certificate.

Refrigerated / heating circulator survey, 2014

Labotal will be the main sponsor and will exhibit at the 3rd European Conference for Principal Investigator using Zebrafish as a model for biomedical research, which will be held in Ein Gedi between 30.03.2014 -3/4/2014. Please come and see the fascinating innovations such as Tecniplast’s new ACTIVE–BLUE technology – for a maintenance ...

The 3rd European Zebrafish Principal Investigator Meeting March 30 – April 3, 2014 Ein-Gedi, Israel

Labotal will be the main sponsor and will exhibit at the 3rd European Conference for Principal Investigator using Zebrafish as a model for biomedical research, which will be held in Ein Gedi between 30.03.2014 -3/4/2014. Please come and see the fascinating innovations such as Tecniplast’s new ACTIVE–BLUE technology – for a maintenance ...

New – Kinematica POLYTRON PT-DA X

We are glad to announce a new product by KINEMATICA, the POLYTRON PT-DA X aggregate. This aggregate was professionally developed for tablets and pills. It disperses tablets within a few seconds without blockage or sticking. The resulting dispersion is used for the analysis of active pharmaceutical substances (API). It is used in ...

8th Tecniplast-Labotal-IWT Symposium

In the tradition of educational symposiums that began over fifteen years ago, we will hold this year’s Tecniplast-Labotal-IWT symposium in Italy (for the third time), on May 8-10, 2012. As in the last two symposiums held in Italy, this symposium combines a visit to the manufacturing sites and introduction with the ...

Labotal is proud to present the new Precisa LX Balances

Labotal is proud to present the new balance product line from swiss Precisa – the LX line. Among its prominent features is an innovative iPhone-like design with a bright blue display, a clear and intuitive touch-screen and Precisa’s accurate FC-Cell weighing cell. The LXA model features a readability of 0.1 mg, and ...

Labotal Represents Slee, Pathology Lab Equipment Maker

Starting May 2011, Labotal exclusively represents Slee, a German manufacturer of pathology and histology laboratory equipment, known for many years for its stability and high quality products. Among its range of products: tissue processors, micro-tomes, cryostats, embedding centers, staining systems, floating bath and slide warmers, specimen labeling instruments, and a wide ...

New TECNIPLAST IVC Systems received TIZ-BIFO Certificate from TÜV

Tecniplast, a world leader in production of animal housing systems, is the first (and only?) to implement the European work group’s recommendations, founded in 2000 and published its requirements for IVC systems in 2005. An article summing up the objectives of TIZ-BIFO work group, and its activity, is attached here. Tecniplast, always very strict on ...

Labotal in ISPP conf.

On the display stand, there was a sophisticated Vacuubrand vacuum pump, attached to a Heidolph rotary evaporator. Heidolph’s hotplate magnetic stirrer was demonstrated with a matching temperature controller, enabling control by measuring the temperature of the solution itself. Precisa precision balances were shown accurately measuring a lightweight stationary paper clip. The ...


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