WASSERLAB Autwamatic Plus Type I+II Water Purification System with Touch Screen Control

Features & Specifications

Wasserlab Autoamatic Plus Type I+II Water Purification System
Supplies RO water (Type III), Purified water (Type II) and Ultrapure water (Type I) from 3 independent dispensers.

• Touch screen control – incorporating the highest technologies in the production and control of quality water
• Measurement of produced Type I/II/III water resistivity
• Integrated feed water monitoring keeping your cartridges longer
• Programmed auto recirculation system, ensuring highest quality of water dispensed
• Automatically stops dispensing of Type I water if resistivity is below user-preset quality.
• System warns for change of consumables, anomalies like inlet water cut, or malfunction of measuring probes.
• Allows three types of dispensing: Continuous, Volumen wise, Time controled.
• User password to allow access to the configuration menus and definition of dispensing type.
• Easy to use and maintain thanks to cartridges with fast connection and anti-drip system.

• Type 1 water quality:
– Resistivity: 18.2 MΩ/cm
– Bacterial content: < 1 CFU/ml,
– TOC: <3 PPB,
– Particles: <0.22µm
– Type 1 Flow rate: 1.1 L/min

• Type 2 water quality:
– Bacterial content: < 1 CFU/ml,
– TOC: <50 PPB,
– Particles: <0.22µm • Dimensions: 360 x 490 x 600 mm (WxDxH).
• Operating pressure min/max: 2 – 6 bar
• CE Marked
• Two years warranty
All details as per catalog enclosed.
The system includes cartridges needed for its operation.