Wasserlab Automatic Plus Water Purification System for Type II (Purified) & Type III (Osmotized)

Features & Specifications

Wasserlab Automatic Plus Water Purification System for Type II (Purified) & Type III (Osmotized).
Supplies RO water – Type III, and Purified water Type II independently.

• Dispenses maximum quality, freshly made type II water.
• Touch screen control – incorporating the highest technologies in the production and control of quality water.
• Pretreatment module protects the RO membrane by removing particles (≥5 micron), Chloride, colloids and organic material.
• Integrated feed water monitoring keeping your cartridges longer.
• Measurement of produced Type II/III water conductivity.
• System warns for change of consumables, anomalies like inlet water cut, or malfunction of measuring probes.
• Unique pressurized RO water tank with butyl diaphragm and polypropylene liner to separate water and air. Limit growth of germs and prevent impurities in the tank.
• Allows three types of dispensing of Type II: Continuous, Volume wise, Time controlled.
• User password to allow access to the configuration menus and definition of dispensing type.
• Easy to use and maintain thanks to fast cartridges connection and anti-drip system.
• Type II water quality:
Bacterial content: < 1 CFU/ml
TOC: <50 PPB (UV version)
Particles: <0.22µm
• Type III water quality:
Removal of: 95-98% dissolved inorganic salts, >99% dissolved organic material, 99.5% of microorganisms and particles
• HC (High Conductivity) version: Incorporates double Osmosis, suitable to work with inlet water having high conductivity.
• Production rate: 3/5/10/20 L/min
• Dimensions: 360x490x600 mm (WxDxH).
• Operating pressure min/max: 2 – 6 bar
• Two years warranty
All details as per catalog enclosed.
The system includes cartridges needed for its operation.