ThermConcept Laboratory Large Chamber Furnace KLS series, 1100-1300 °C

Features & Specifications

ThermConcept Laboratory Chamber Furnaces

• Very high temperature uniformity inside the furnace chamber.
• Double-walled housing with rear-ventilation ensures low outer-casing temperatures.
• Parallel-guided door moving up-wards so the heat is kept away from operator.
• Door collar made of strong fire bricks.
• High grade ceramic fibre insulation with low thermal mass.
• Wear-resistant fire brick insulation in the furnace bottom.
• Includes ceramic bottom plate.
• Heating elements on ceramic supporting tubes, mounted in front of
the insulation for free heat radiation.
• Powerful heating elements in both sides providing fast heating rates.
• Controlled by solid state relays for very precise temperature control, wear-free and noiseless.
• Exhaust pipe in the rear wall.
• 1 year warranty.


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