ThermConcept KLS Muffle Frurnaces for Ambitious Laboratory Applications

Features & Specifications

Laboratory furnaces, with ceramic muffle, KLS series

• T max 1000 °C, 1100 °C and 1150 °C
• Furnaces with integrated ceramic muffle for high mechanical and chemical resistance
• Furnaces designed especially and recommended for ambitious laboratory applications with aggressive waste gases
• Suitable for assay of precious metals or ashing of organic substances
• Heating elements around outside the ceramic muffle,
heating on all 4 sides for high temperature uniformity.
• Heating elements protected against aggressive atmospheres
• Controlled by solid state relays for very precise temperature control, wear-free and quite operation.
• Exhaust pipe in the rear wall
• 1 year warranty.
For 230 V


ThermConcept Lab Furnace.pdf