TECNIPLAST ARIA CS-60D Dual Access Animal Cage Changing Station

Features & Specifications

Extra-Wide Extra-high Openning Cage Changing Station for animal handling procedures

• Clean air, class ISO 4 according to ISO 14644-1.
• High Efficiency plenum design & Laminar flow Technology protects animals from external & cross-contamination, and protects operator and environment from allergens and particulate emissions.
• Ergonomic Design:
– Hinged windows for high visibility into the work area
– uniform light distribution
– adjustable work surface height – the whole cabinets electrically moves up and down.
– Large work area: 130x61x64 cm
– Large work opening (42 cm) for easy introducing and removing of cages.
– Large 4.3” touch sreen to monitor and manage system alarms.
– High cleanibility and resistance to Chlorine compounds.
• Electronic automatic adjustable airflow control;
• Overall Dimensions: (WxDxH): 159x79x195/228 cm
• Light dimmer and Retractable cable are included
• Red LED light that can be synchronized with room light.
• Motion detector switches off when the unit is not in use
• Obstacle Detector
• Wide Range of Accessories & Options, such as Folding shelf, “Easyfood” dual chute feeder, etc
• 12 months warranty.