SONICS Vibracell VCX750 Ultrasonic Cell Disrupter

Features & Specifications

Sonics Ultrasonic Processor for high volume

• Microprocessor controlled – fully programmable.
• Automatic tuning and frequency control.
• Integrated temperature controller (optional).
• timer: 10 hours.
• 1 sec – 59 sec on/off pulsar.
• Energy monitor (Joules & Watts).
• Computer controlled with optional software.
• 12 months warranty.
Shipped complete and ready for operation with a
1/2” threaded probe for 10-250ml, tool kit and instruction manual.
For 220V; 50Hz.
All details as per catalog enclosed.


Sonics Vibra Cell Catalog 2017.pdf
Sonics’ Vibra-Cell Cup Horn Processing.wmv