SLEE SLIDETEC Flouthation Bath and Slide Warmer

Features & Specifications

SLIDETEC Flouthation Bath and Slide Warmer

Flouthation Bath:

• Designed for stretching of paraffin sections
• 2L- ergonomic anti-stick coating Bath.
• Integrated illumination LED white/blue.
• Separable glass water bath – Easy to drain and clean
• Low energy consumption of less than 65 W.
• Integrated overheat protection
• Digital temperature display
• Programmable working hours
• Integrated timer.
• Temperature setting up to 60°C

Slidetec HEAT slide warmer:
• Ergonomic design with leveles.
• Capacity: 30 slides.
• Scratch resistant black working surface.
• Digital temperature display.
• Temperature setting up to 60°C.

• Dimensions (WxDxH):560x370x230 mm
• Warranty: 24 months.
For 230V; 50/60Hz.