SLEE Printtec S - Slide Printer

Features & Specifications

SLEE Printtec S – Slide Printer
for on-demand, full-color or black printing text, graphics, linear and 2D Barcodes.

• Reduce inventory hassle of various colored slides by using white slides and print with color.
• 100 slide capacity with programmable identification chip and slide counter.
• Direct print onto slides.
• Small footprint.
• Chemical and UV resistant print to withstand histology processes. Slides can be reliably identified even after several years.
• Slides are stored in easy-to-load cartridges
• A few seconds to change slide cartridge.
• Slides are easily viewed through the cartridge’s transparent blue LED backlit case.
• Free PTLab software – template-driven software for individual design and data workflow and configurable data stream connection to LIMS systems.
• USB Interface.
• 24 month warranty.
For 230V, 50 Hz