SLEE Printtec C - Printer for Cassettes.

Features & Specifications

SLEE Printtec C – Printer for Cassettes.

• 160 cassettes capacity for on-demand or batch mode printing.
• 4 transparent cassette hoppers with 40 cassettes capacity each.
• Feeds standard cassettes with 35° to 45° angles with either lid-on or lid-off, no adjustments needed.
• Speed: up to 8 cassettes per minute.
• LCD Display for status messages and fill capacity levels with 4 cross button user interface.
• Prints directly onto cassettes
• Free PTLab software – template-driven software for your individual design and data workflow and configurable data stream
• Easy to use printtec C is designed for efficient, hands-free operation.
For 230V, 50HZ