SLEE MTP Carousel Tissue Processor

Features & Specifications

SLEE MTP carousel tissue processor

• Gentle and highly reliable specimen processing.
• State of the art intuitive control features.
• Specimen throughput: 120 cassettes per run with one basket, or 240 cassettes with optional second transport basket.
• An integrated battery ensures highest process safety.
• Fume extraction system for increasing user safety.
• Easy loading by rotating table principle.
• Freely programmable: 10 programs.
• Delayed start function.
• 10 Clear DURAN® glass reagent beakers, 2000ml.
• 2 Stainless steel heated paraffin beakers, 2000ml.
• Dimensions (WxDxH): 850x850x750 mm.
• Two years warranty.
• Optional: vacuum units for all paraffin beakers for faster and improved processing.


SLEE General Catalog.pdf