SLEE MPS/P2 Paraffin Modular Embedding Center

Features & Specifications

SLEE Paraffin Modular Embedding Center – MPS/P2.
Includes Dispensing, Pre-warming and Cooling module
with microprocessor programming.
Warranty: 2-years

• Dispensing module MPS/P
– 5l paraffin container
– Temperature range: up to 80°C for the paraffin container, up to 70°C for the heated working area, down to -10°C for the cold spot
– Integrated LED illumination (3 spots fixed & 3 adjustable)
– Integrated adjustable magnifier
– Ergonomic hand rest
– Heated forceps holder
– Parafin drainage drawer

• Pre-warming module MPS/W
– Removable Cassette bath (150 cassettes capacity)
– Mold warmer (capacity 500 molds)
– Temp range ambient to 80°C
– Size adapted to most processor baskets: 261x271x32 mm height
Can be also ordered with higher height wax bath, the MPS/WH: 261x271x48mm height

• Cooling plate MPS/C
– Spacious working area 370x270mm
– Capacity: 50 to 80 cassettes
– Temperature range: ambient to -15°C


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