Slee Modern Fully Automatic Cryostate MNT with Motorized Advance.

SLEE Modern Fully Automatic Cryostate MNT with motorized advance/return.
• Convenient operation.
• Space-saving design with a large chamber.
• Effective freeze bar with 24 positions.
• Chamber minimal temperature -35°C.
• Large anti-roll plate.
• Viewing window made of frost-free dual insulation glass.
• Variable cutting speed.
• Intuitive electronic control panel.
• Automatic defrost.
• Peltier shock-freezing positions up to -55°C (Optional).
• UV-C disinfection (Optional).
• Object cooling (optional).
• Debris extraction system (optoinal).
• Section thickness: 0.5-100 μm
• Trimming thickness: 0-300 μm, freely programmable.
• Dimensions (WxDxH): 600x680x1130 mm
• Specimen orientation, horizontal/vertical: 8°
• Specimen orientation, z-axis: 360°
• Two years warranty.

Comes standard with:
• Standard knife holder, or disposable blade holder.
• 10x Object holders (5x ø22mm ; 5xø35mm).
• Brush.
• A bottle of cryostat low temperature oil.
• A bottle of GSV embedding medium
• A box of disposable blades (50 pcs.) or 1 steel knife (16 cm C-profile) – Please specify upon ordering.

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