RADLEYS CARUSEL WORK UP STATION for Parallel Filtration and Phase Separation

Features & Specifications

Radleys Carousel Work-Up Station for parallel filtration, phase separation or SPE

• Compatible with 12 x Carousel Reaction Tubes or standard 1 inch boiling tubes
• Use under gravity or with new SpeediFlow flow booster.
• Accepts 70ml columns; including 20um Filtration, Phase Separation, Silica, SCX, Aminopropyl and SAX Acetate
• Simple and convenient the Carousel Work-Up Station will reduce post synthesis bottlenecks.
• Identical aluminium racks are easy to load with tubes or columns.
• Racks are designed to lock together for ease of transportation.
• Optional 3rd rack can be stacked above the 2nd rack for sequential purification.