PRECISA XB Precision Balances, With 0.1 g Accuracy


Features & Specifications

PRECISA electronic digital balance, Swiss Technology

• Readability: 0.1 g.
• Tare for all weighing range.
• Large and easy to read fluorescent digital display.
• Multiple weight units are available
• Weight display in 13 different sizes to choose from
• Piece-counting program.
• Serial interface RS232 for PC-balances, balances-printer.
• Electronic anti-theft code can be set which immobilizes the unit until reset.
• Add-up summation program.
• Density Determination of solid, porous and liquid materials.
• Easy to level, using the two adjustable feet.
• The balance is supplied with test certificate
• 2-year warranty.
For 220V; 50Hz
All details as per catalog enclosed


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