PRECISA PrepASH® 340 Thermo-Gravimetric Analysis Instrument

Features & Specifications

PRECISA PrepASH® 340 thermo-gravimetric analysis instrument.

• Fully automatic measurement of moisture and ash content.
• Documentation of all the fundamental data.
• Process memory with graphical parameter definition.
• Perfect quality records without an additional PC.
• Weighing range 120-0.1gr.
• Readability 0.0001gr.
• Atmosphere: Oxygen, Nitrogen, Air with exhaust.
• High performance temp. range 50 °C – 1,005 °C.
• Software corresponds to the requirements of FDA CFR 21Part 11.
• Measurements meet the requirements of DIN, ASTM, ICC and others.
• The balance is supplied with test certificate
• 2 years warranty
For 230V; 50Hz; 15A