PEAK SCIENTIFIC Precision Hydrogen Generator

Features & Specifications

PEAK SCIENTIFIC Precision Hydrogen Generator
Providing gas needed for GC Detectors requiring Hydrogen fuel gas (such as FID and FPD) and ICP-MS collision Gas.
Key Features:

• Suitable for fuel gas at standard detection limits
• 99.9995% Purity
• Max pressure: 100psi/6.9bar
• Creates Hydrogen only on demand – Safer than storing explosive gas cylinders.
• Internal leak detection with automatic shutdown
• Automatic loading pump
• Simple maintenance: replacing de-ionizer cartridge and silica gel.
• Compact, space-saving modular design0
• Generator Dimensions: 38x54x40.6 cm (WxDxH)
1-year full warranty, 3-years cell warranty!


Precision Hydrogen Standard Data Sheet.pdf