OMNI Bead Ruptor 96 well plate homogenizer

Features & Specifications

OMNI Bead Ruptor 96 Homogenizer:
Most versatile homogenizer. Designed to support traditional milling, cryomilling, well plate and tube homogenizing in a single, compact bench-top instrument.

• For all milling applications, including dry grinding of grains, plants, seeds, powder particle size reduction, dissociation of plastics, paper products, ceramics, bones, feed materials, textiles, ores and drugs.
• With the cryogenic processing, ideal for cannabis processing, with the ability to rapidly dissociate cannabis flowers and edibles, gummy candies, suckers or sticky materials.
• Rapid DNA, RNA or protein extraction from a wide range of materials.
• Multiple sample processing modes including:
– Sealed stainless steel jar milling in volumes up to 50 mL.
– Cryogenic milling in stainless steel jars for dissociation of tough materials or heat sensitive analytes.
– Well plate homogenizing in standard SBS format 1 mL, 2 mL and standard well plates.
– Bead beating in sealed micro centrifuge or screw cap tubes up to 48 samples per run.
• High throughput processing: Dissociate up to 384 samples per cycle.
• Digital controls ensure reproducibility.
• High impact forces to dissociate even the toughest samples.
• 30Hz frequency ensures rapid sample processing.
• Integrated safety lid.
• Wide range of accessories including well plate adaptors, tube holders and sealed jars for wet, dry or cryogenic milling.
• One year warranty.
For 230V; 50 Hz.