Mya4 Reaction System, Compact and Versatile System for 4 Independent Reactions, By Radleys, England

Features & Specifications

Mya4 Reaction System, By Radleys, England
A compact and versatile system for 4 independent reactions, includes software with 24/7 data logging and active cooling.

• Volume range: 2 ml to 400 ml.
• Temperature range: -30°C to +180°C.
• Magnetic and overhead stirring, up to 1000 rmp
• Software control with data logging.
• Active cooling system not requiering chiller
• Saving significate hood space.
• Option for automation – controlling peripheral equipment.
• 2 versions of systems available:
– Discovery Package- with reflux head.
– Process Package – with head for over-head compact stirrers


Mya 4 Reaction Station – Discovery 5-17.pdf
Mya 4 Reaction Station – Process 5-17.pdf—short-introduction