LABCONCO Vacuum Desiccator Cabinet

Features & Specifications

Labconco Vacuum Dessiccator
Provides contamination- free and corrosion-free space for cooling, drying and storage of moisture sensitive materials.

• Body is constructed of molded fiberglass reinforced polyester.
• Epoxy-coated steel side-hinged door with fully-gasketed, 9.52 mm tempered safety glass view window.
• Two removable epoxy-coated steel shelves.
• Stainless steel pan.
• 3-way vacuum release valve for 6.35 mm ID vacuum tubing allows for slow vacuum release and refilling with a dry inert gas.
• Cabinet is vacuum tested to 0.98 Bar.
• A vacuum source or optional granular desiccant is recommended (not included).
• Overall dimensions: 43.2×34.3×37.5cm (WxDxH).
• Interior dimensions: 30.5×30.5×30.5cm (WxDxH).
All details as per catalog enclosed.