LABCONCO Triad Compact Freeze Drying System

Features & Specifications

LABCONCO Triad Compact Freeze Drying System
combines pre-freezing, lyophilisation and stoppering
in one process and one chamber.

• Condenser Temp.: -85°C.
• One processing shelf (31.5×36.8 cm) with temperature control between -50°C and +50°C for working with containers of 31-148mm.
• Stoppering mechanism for closing vials, no need for compressed air!
• Full color, 5″ touch screen with Lyo-Works™ operating system
• Creation and storage for up to 30 programs with up to 16 steps each. Ability to set ramp rate, shelf temperature, time and vacuum set point per step
• Sample temperature monitoring probe.
• Hot gas defrost.
• 4- Valves for flask drying.
• Vacuum break valve protects the system from oil back-streaming
• Side-mounted USB port and rear-mounted Ethernet connection.
For 230V; 50Hz
All details as per enclosed data sheet.


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