LABCONCO AXIOM Class II Type C1 Recirculating or Total Exhaust Biosafety Cabinet

Features & Specifications

Labconco AXIOM Class II type C1 Biosafety cabinet Certified according to NSF-49 for BOTH Total Exhaust (Type-B2) and Recirculation (Type-A2) modes

• patent pending Chem-Zone™ maximizes chemical safety by creating a large, clearly defined area within the enclosure.
• Perfect solution for antineoplastic drugs, genetic material, carcinogens, allergens, or other airborne hazards.
• Very low airflow requiered when in Type-B2 mode.
• Easily connected to an exhaust system to function in Type-B2 mode
• Omni-Flex protection system for case of remote blower breakdown – allows 5 more minutes of safe operation
• Sloping front 10˚ window for max. operator convenience
• MyLogic Built-in information center for HEPA filter status & alarm conditions.
• Uniquely uniform self-adjusted airflow, ±1.2%, for perfect user protection.
• Color touch pad control on right –hand side of all parameters.
• Smart-start&shutoff system: for programmable blower, light and UV.
• Night-smart system: low blower speed to maintain sterility during non-use.
• Optional Vacu-Pass Cord and Cable Portal combines safety and convenience.
• Includes 2 electrical outlets.
• 3 Years warranty!!


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