IWT Calypso - Fish Tank Washer.

IWT CALYPSO Fish Tank Washer.
• Algae and biofilm perfect removal without need of manual scrubbing or tanks pre-treatment
• Guarantee of precise cleaning thanks to multiple rinses including final rinse with RO water
• Maximum capacity: 14x 3.5-liter-tank, 12-36 breeding tanks.
• Completly separate wash and rinse circuits for maximum fish safety
• Highly eco-friendly and cost effective due to low water and detergents use.
• Double-layer tempered clear full glass door with interlock system, enables visual process control and reduces noise and heat-loss
• Space saving sliding up door design
• Suitable for Door-to-Door installation – no access is needed on the sides.
• Touch screen interface with remote operation and monitoring capabilities, Self-Clean cycle, 5 programs in memory, and multi-level password protection.
• Double water inlet (RO and/or Softened)
• On-board detergent storage space
• High throughput resulting from a 25-30 minutes cycle including:
Loading, Pre-Wash, Wash, Pre-Rinse, Final Rinse, Unloading.
• Entirely manufactured from AISI-304 Stainless Steel and plastic materials resistant to both the working temperature and the acid, alkaline and sanitizing solutions as required.
• Dimensions: (LxDxH) 1350x900x2000mm
• CE Marked and manufactured according to the European Standards.
• 24 months warranty!

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