IWT ARCADIA Pitless Tunnel Washer

Features & Specifications

IWT ARCADIA PITLESS TUNNEL WASHER – High performance, Top quality, Highly advanced, User & Environmental friendly, Validatable, Safe cage washer!
Including 5 modules as follows:
1) Loading module : 1350 mm
2) Wash module : 1500 mm
3) Pre-Rinse and Rinse module :1500 mm
4) Blowing module: 1500 mm
5) Unloading module : 900 mm

• AK-KAB Validated wash at a speed of 1.2m/min
• Up to 1,250 Type IIL cages per hour
• Only 480 liter of water consumption per hour
• Automatic conveyor and pumps pause when items are not loaded and stand-by after settable time-out for MASSIVE ENERGY SAVINGS!
• 10 spraying arms with 45 wash nozzles in wash module
• 4 spraying arms with 16 wash nozzles in rinse module
• Vary high TTI (Total Theoretical Impact)- 0.37
• Dosing pump for one chemical agent
• High dynamic pressure tool-free in-line self-cleaning filter
• Interactive Polaris control and troubleshooting by 7″ touch screen interface, inclusive of:
– LiteView, web based monitoring system
– Teleservice, remote diagnostic package (Internet connection required)
– eMeter, utilities consumption algorithmic meter for water, chemicals, electricity
– Self-start feature
• USB port connection for standard data gathering
• Electric heating available at additional cost
• Easy assembling and set-up on site.
• Overall dimensions (LxWxH): 6750x1340x2122 h mm, additional width of 275mm for on board ebox
All details as per data-sheet enclosed.