HERMLE Z-216MK Refrigerated Microlitrecentrifuge

Features & Specifications

HERMLE Z-216MK Refrigerated Microlitrecentrifuge

• Temperature range: -20°C up to 40°.
• Precooling program.
• Speed range: 200-15.000 RPM, max RCF 21,380g.
• Microprocessor with large LCD display.
• Timer for automatic operation and quick key for short run
• Dimensions (WxHxD): 28cm x 29cm x 55cm.
• Manufactured according to international safety regulations, IEC1010.
• 36 months warranty!!
For 220V; 50Hz.
All details as per catalog enclosed.


Microliter Centrifuge Z216M & ref. microliter centrifuge Z216MK Catalog.pdf
Short Operation Instructions Z216M_MK, Z306, Z326_K, Z366_K, Z446_K, Z32HK, Z36HK, Z496, OLEUM.pdf