HERMLE SUPREEM Universal High-Speed Centrifuges, models Z-446 and Z-446K

Features & Specifications

HERMLE Universal High-Speed-Centrifuge models Z-446 & Z-446K

• Microprocessor controlled.
• Automatic rotor recognition and speed correction.
• Maintenance free drive-motor.
• Digital display of preset and actual speed/RCF, temperature and time.
• Quick key for short runs.
• Automatic imbalance indication with safety cut-off.
• Simple and easy rotor exchange.
• Safety lid-lock system.
• Max volume: 4×750 ml.
• 36 months full warranty.
For 230V; 50Hz.
All details as per catalog enclosed.


HERMLE Universal centrifuge for High Capacity Z446 & Z446K Catalog.pdf
Short Operation Instructions Z216M_MK, Z306, Z326_K, Z366_K, Z446_K, Z32HK, Z36HK, Z496, OLEUM.pdf