HEIDOLPH MR HEI-TEC Magnetic Stirrer

Features & Specifications

Heidolph MR Hei-Tec Hot Plate with Magnetic Stirrer, Made in Germany.

• Ø145mm Unique Kera – Disk® Plate
• Max. Heating power: 800 W.
• Digital speed setting from 100 to 1,400 rpm at an accuracy of 2 % and Temp. setting up to 300°C.
• Medium temperature: up to 250°C.
• An independent safety circuit switches off heating if plate temp. goes above 25°C of set temp.
• Unique hot plate structure designed to completely prevent penetration of liquids and aerosols that may cause malfunctions or fire.
• Visual control by illuminated on/off button.
• Optional external temperature sensor.
• 24 hr unattended operation.
• 3-years guarantee.
For 220V; 50Hz
All details as per catalog enclosed


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