HEIDOLPH MR HEI-STANDARD Magnetic Stirrer with Heating

Features & Specifications

Heidolph Magnetic stirrer MR Hei-Standard with heating.
Hotplate with Kera-Disk®

• Kera – Disk® will allow immediate heat transfer and is chemically resistant.
• Hot plate temperature range: 20-300°C.
• Extended Heating power 800W reduces heat time.
• Unique hot plate structure designed to completely prevent penetration of liquids and aerosols that may cause malfunctions or fire.
• Over temp protection.
• Speed range: 100-1,400 rpm.
• Max. stirring capacity: 20 liters H20.
•Separate on/off button for heating and stirring for your experiment protection.
• Plate diameter (mm): Ø 145.
• Hermetically sealed housing assure chemical protection.
• 3-years warranty.
For 220V; 50Hz.
All details as per catalog enclosed.


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