ELMA P Series Ultrasonic Cleaning Bath


Features & Specifications

Elma ultrasonic cleaning units model P made in Germany

• The unit series consists of six different sizes with tank capacities ranging from 2.75 to 28 litre.
• Digital displays, self-explanatory operation, clear indication of all parameters.
● Microprocessor-controlled with multi-frequency technology (37/80 kHz).
Two different ultrasonic frequencies in one unit (frequency can be changed during operation):
• 37 kHz – for coarse contaminations, for dissolving, blending, dispersing and degassing
• 80 kHz – noise-reduced operation, ideal for quiet work areas, prolonged ultrasonic cleaning cycle, perfect for the cleaning of hollow spaces, e.g. capillaries
● Ultrasonic tank made of cavitation-proof stainless steel.
● Casing made of stainless steel, hygienic and easy to clean.
• Temperature-controlled start-up: automatically starts the ultrasonic activity as soon as the preset temperature is reached
● Automatic stirring during heating-up process.
● Automatic safety switch-off after 12 h operation to prevent unintended permanent operation.
● Automatic safety switch-off at 90°C to protect the cleaning items against excess temperatures.
• 12 months warranty will be given!
All details as per catalog enclosed.




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