BRAND Transferpette-Electronic Multi-Channel Pipettors


Features & Specifications

BRAND Transferpette-Electronic Multi-Channel Pipettors:

• Pipetting button relax your hand to avoid RSI, especially whan serial pipetting is performed.
• Egronomic finger rest – perfectly adapted for the hand.
• Clear display, large digits.
• Intuitive menu for easy operation and convenient programs:
– Pipetting
– Dispensing
– Reverse pipetting
– Mixing
– Gel-Elecrophoresis. Patented
– 4000 Pipetting cycles with one battery charging
• Big separate ejection button for reducing tip ejection forces.
• Corrosion resistant piston and ejector.
• The pipette shaft is autoclavable.
• Innovative v-rings reduced the force needed for tips attachment
• CE-compliant
Package includes: 1 tip box, 1 tip rack, 1 reagent reservoir with lid, individual stand.


Brand Transferpette Electronic catalog.pdf
Brand full Liquid Handling catalog.pdf

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