BRAND Multi-Channel Pipettors Series Transferpette-S


Features & Specifications

BRAND Transferpette-S Multi-Channel Pipettors:

• Completely autoclavable, without disassembling.
• Ergonomic finger res t- perfectly adapted to the hand.
• True one-handed operation for both right and left-handed.
• 4-digits volume display for precise setting. Always visible, even while pipetting.
• Smoothly operated piston for effortless, light touch pipetting. Minimize risk of RSI.
• Color-coded volume range.
• Corrosion resistant piston.
• UV resistant.
• Reduce weight by using innovative materials
• Big separate ejection button for reducing tip ejection forces.
• Innovative v-rings reduced the force needed for tips attachment
• CE-compliant
Package includes: 2 tip boxes, 1 reagent reservoir with lid and 1 shelf hanger for the pipetor.


Brand Transferpette S catalog.pdf
Brand full Liquid Handling catalog.pdf

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