BIOQUELL BQ50 Compact and flexible H2O2 Decontamination System

Features & Specifications

BIOQUELL BQ 50 – COMPACT and FLEXIBLE H2O2 Decontamination System.

• For sterilization of Room/room suites, Vehicles, Transfer Chambers, Containers, Containment Tents, Mobile laboratories & Field Hospitals
• For volumes of 10 to 150m^3 volume.
• Incorporates HPV generator and a Catalytic aeration units wirelessly connected.
• Dual circuit technology for optimum cycle times.
• Utilizes 30% pre-field, pre valifdated hydrogen peroxide.
• Achieves 6Log reduction in bio-burden
• Validatable process via bio indicators.
• Fully automated process independently calculating cycle times at each different cycle.
• Excellent material compatibility including sensitive electronics.
• No need for chamber pre-conditioning or dehumidification.
• 12 months warranty
For 230V; 50Hz
All details as per enclosed catalog.