BINDER VDL Safety Vacuum Ovens

Features & Specifications


• Temp range: ambient plus 15°C up-to 200°C.
• ATEX Compliance Chamber’s interior: EXII-/3GIIB c T3-T1 Gc X
– Avoiding of explosive atmosphere.
– Avoiding of ignition source.
– Limitation of the effect of possible explosions to a harmless level.
• Safety concept – critical components pressure encapsulated. Please provide compressed air.
• Heating activated when pressure < 125 mbar.
• Flame protection gasket.
• Inert gas valve with Cross-Flow Technology for gas flushing.
• Shatterproof, spring mounted safety glass panel.
• Controller with time segment and real time programming.
• Analog pressure gauge.
• Includes mechanical Safety device class 2 (DIN12880) with visual alarm.
• Two expansion racks (Aluminum).
• Computer interface: RS422
• Warranty 18 months.
All details as per manufacturer data sheet.


Binder Catalog for VD & VDL.pdf