BINDER KBW Growth Chambers

Features & Specifications

with optimal lighting and temperature conditions
Three models available: KBW240; KBW400; KBW720.

• Temperature range without illumination: 0°C up to 70°C.
• Temperature range with illumination: 5°C up to 60°C.
• Variable positioned illumination cassettes with 5 daylight illumination tubes each
• Homogeneous light distribution.
• MP controller for programming of variable and adjustable temp. day/night cycles (2 programs with 10 sections or 1 program with 20 sections).
– Integrated week program timer with real time function.
– Digital temperature setting with an accuracy of a tenth of a degree.
– Adjustable ramp functions via program editor
– Adjustable fan speed
– Elapsed time indicator
• Access port Ø30 mm, left side.
• Independent adjustable temp. safety device class 3.1.
• RS 422 interface.
• BINDER test certificate included.
• Warranty: 18 months.
All details as per catalog enclosed.