BINDER CB160 CO2 NEW Incubator

Features & Specifications

—> User operated Hot air sterilization cycle at 180°C.

• :Very short recovery times.
– Temp. recovery time: 4 min
– CO2 recovery time: 5 min
• Accurate sterilizable Drift-free Infrared CO2 sensor, no need to calibrate after sterilization.
• CO2 introduction through patented gas mixing nozzle.
• VENTAIR™ air jacket system.
• BINDER controller with large LCD color display for simultaneous monitoring of parameters.
• Electronic chart recorder.
• Inner chamber integrated easy to clean shelf support, eliminates all fixtures system, no dead spots.
• Permadry™ humidification system, for condensate-free inner door, wall and shelves.
Temp. range: ambient +7°C to 60°C.
• Temp. fluctuation: ±0.1°C.
• CO2 range: 0-20%, ±0.1%.
• Humidity range: 90-95% rH.
• Self-diagnostic system with visual and audible alarms
• Ethernet interface for communication software APT-COM™.
• Zero-voltage relay contact for central monitoring.
• 3 shelves supplied (up-to 6 can be used).
• BINDER verification test certificate.
• Warranty: 18 months.
For 230V; 50Hz.
All details as per manufacturer catalog.


Data Sheet Model CB 160 en.pdf