BINDER BF Turbo Incubators

Features & Specifications

Binder Incubator with Forced Convection, BF series

• High temperature accuracy thanks to APT.line™II and forced air convection.
• Ambient temp. plus 7°C to 100°C.
• Chamber decontamination at 100°C.
• Very high temp precision: ±0.3°C.
• Extremely low recovery time: 5 min only!
• Microprocessor control (PID) with LCD disply.
• Electro-mechanical control of the exhaust air flap.
• Safety control (Class 2 according to DIN 12880) with visual alarm
• Stainless steel inner chamber.
• Glass inner door; metal outer door.
• Ergonomic door opening.
• USB port for data recording.
• 2 chrome-plated shelves with handles included.
• Binder Test Confirmation included.
• Warranty: 18 months.
For 230V; 50Hz.
All details as per catalogue enclosed.


BINDER brochure Incubators B BD BF series 2018.pdf
Data Sheet Model BF 56 en.pdf
Data Sheet Model BF 115 en.pdf
Data Sheet Model BF 260 en.pdf