New TECNIPLAST IVC Systems received TIZ-BIFO Certificate from TÜV



Tecniplast, a world leader in production of animal housing systems, is the first (and only?) to implement the European work group's recommendations, founded in 2000 and published its requirements for IVC systems in 2005.


An article summing up the objectives of TIZ-BIFO work group, and its activity, is attached here.



Tecniplast, always very strict on validation and verification of all its products, ordered a test and a report by an unbiased, well known and respected third-party - the German Standards Institute TÜV, in order to check and confirm its newest IVC systems (AERO models and SMART FLOW AHU's) fulfill all TIZ-BIFO's requirements, as did the previous models (Blue SEAL SAFE series and green SEAL SAFE PLUS).



Attached are also the test certificates.


When considering equipping with new systems, it is recommended not to settle for the manufacturer's declarations on the quality of its products and their compliance with current standard requirements, but to demand certified proof of compliance by a third party.


We will be glad to add further details...