Labotal in ISPP conf.

On the display stand, there was a sophisticated Vacuubrand vacuum pump, attached to a Heidolph rotary evaporator. Heidolph's hotplate magnetic stirrer was demonstrated with a matching temprature controller, enabling control by measuring the temprature of the sollution itself. Precisa precision balances were shown accurately measuring a lightweight stationary paper clip.


The show included also a new and impressive Thermo-Labsystems Multiskan FC ELISA reader. A new Elma digital ultrasonic bath, as well as Skanlaf (Denmark) small microliter tubes centrifuge, also drew a lot of attention.


On the edge of the table, stood a new homogenizer of the silent and fast PT-2500 model, operated with a 7mm knife. On another stand was a set of F1 pipettors, with the anti-microbial effect, as well as Jencons pipetting aid – a hot seller due to its ease of use and low price.


On the background you could see on a big poster the Labconco Logic biological safety cabinet, a model sold by the dozens in the last two years, loved for its ergonomic elegant design and the advanced technology embedded in it.


Despite the murky weather outside, the atmosphere in the conference was pleasant and dynamic. Yoav Menashe and Michael Gilsohn, who manned the stands, enjoyed and were impressed by the organization and the number of participants.